SONIA CARRASCO® is where sharp tailoring and knitwear come together, always with a real social and environmental commitment in every step of the way.

At SONIA CARRASCO we work exclusively with recycled, regenerated, organic or vegan fabrics of the best quality. We are able to achieve excellence in materials thanks to a careful research and rigorous screening of supplier partners for our collections. These suppliers must comply with a very strict study of their processes and values before being part of our collections.

Our goal is to have a model that is as circular as possible. We believe that there is already enough material created on the planet, with which we can work and recycle, to create new materials of the highest quality from existing ones, without generating more waste.

Therefore, in our creation and production process there is a recycling step, in which all waste is stored to co-create new fabrics in a clear aspiration to use only “upcycled” fabrics.

Every day we seek to be more responsible, therefore, we are implementing new processes, technologies and materials that help us in our purpose. One of these has been the implementation of the design process of our collections based on 3D technology.

In this way we are able to reduce our waste from the creation and prototyping process to almost the maximum. We understand that the responsibility of a company should not be solely related to the environment, but that there is a social duty that we should not ignore. At SONIA CARRASCO we collaborate with local NGOs that work for women.